Conference proceedings refers to all materials that comprise the baseline of the conference, including Short Communications and Workshops in the parallel sessions. The papers were accepted through a blind peer review process.

In the conference Dropbox you will find:

  • Book of Abstracts
  • Keynote presentations
  • List of participants (so you can contact contributors of abstracts that have your interest)

Videos from the conference
Below you can link directly to videos of:

  • the keynote speakers Sue Bloxham and Anita Diaz
  • a number of Short Communications
  • the final debate

Videos of the keynote speakers:
Keynote speaker Anita Diaz: Self Authorship through active learning - inspiring engagement, fostering growth

Sue Bloxham Keynote speaker: Shifting the balance between teaching and learning - creating an active curriculum for a 21st century higher education

Videoer of Short Communications:
Christian Kronborg (SC 1-1): Introduktion til økonomisk teori med rollespil 

Mette Elmose Andersen (SC 1-2): Fra studerende i praktik til refleksiv praktiker

Morten Skak (SC 1-3): A communist teaching experiment - How communism failed - and how we may evaluate teaching experiments

Alastair Irons (SC 2-1): Active Learning in Computer Forensics

Winie Evers (SC 2-3): Student interaction in workshops: Using tangible objects to model and explore understanding of supply chains dynamics

Søren Møller (SC 3-1): Eksplicit forventningsafklaring i statistiske hjælpekurser på Sundhedsvidenskab 

Mette Risgaard Olsen (SC 3-2): Flipped Classroom – muligheder og barrierer

Leonora Falsted (SC 3-3): Undervejs mod aktiv læring – foreløbige erfaringer fra klinisk praksisundervisning i audiologi

Chris Heape & Henrik Sproedt (SC 5-1): How can one educate today’s students to be tomorrow’s practitioners? - Cultivating Imagination Across Boundaries – Learning through participatory inquiry

Inge Seiding (SC 5-2): The Feedback Seminar

Lars Ravn-Jonsen (SC 5-3): Forskningsbaseret og Kompetencerettet Undervisning

Video of  Final debate

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