At the conference the participants were given the possibility to present their examples of how to teach for active learning. This publication presents some of the examples.

The contributions at the conference were both short communications and workshops, but the contributions in this publication have the following formats; video recordings from the presentations at the conference supplemented with an abstract, vodcasts produced subsequently by the participants themselves, and papers that expand the issues of the original contribution. The publication also contains video recordings from the two plenaries given by respectively Sue Bloxham, Visiting Professor at the University of Cumbria and Dr Anita Diaz, Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Excellence in Learning, Bournemouth University.

We hope that this publication will inspire to continuous knowledge exchange and development of the many good examples of teaching for active learning.

The publication contains both Danish and English contributions.

Conference publication in pdf format  (ISBN 978-87-93192-45-4)
Conference publication in e-book format (ISBN 978-87-93192-45-4)




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