Campus Odense

In all, there are nearly 23,000 students and 3,100 employees studying and working at the Odense campus.

There is plenty of space; the whole campus covers approximately 4 square kilometres, making it nearly twice the size of the Principality of Monaco. It is also a beautiful location, with woodland covering 20 percent of the area.

SDU cooperates with all the other educational institutions in Odense. Read more about the student city of Odense.

A campus with lots of space, life and diversity

SDU’s Odense campus offers programmes at a high academic level and a vibrant student environment.

Almost all the students study under a single roof, meaning that you will encounter a lot of different students from a variety of programmes every day. It allows you to exchange experiences and expand not only your knowledge, but also your social circle.

Walking through our main entrance, the first thing you will see is the Campus Square (Campustorvet), where you can find our very own Starbucks café and Studenterboghandelen, the university bookshop.

Moving further along Gydehutten, the campus’ main avenue, you will see Student Services, where you can get help for pretty much anything.

As you walk down the avenue, you will pass by cosy seating areas, open spaces, the university canteen, footbridges and narrow passages, not to mention study zones where you can find a quiet spot to read without distractions.

Become part of a community

The Odense campus offers a varied student life with a wealth of opportunities for both social and study-related experiences.

A good distance down Gydehutten, you will find the University Library of Southern Denmark, which has all the course literature and periodicals/journals you need for your programme.

If you take the time to skim some of the boards along Gydehutten, you will find many different student clubs and associations you can join.

For example, if you feel like watching carefully selected quality films at the university’s own cinema, you can join the university film club, Filmklubben, where members get together to watch a new film every week.

Exercise for the body and soul

Another great way to meet new friends from different fields of study is through sports.

DSIO (the Odense campus’ student sports association) offers a range of different activities, but you can also join SDU Sport and SDU Fitness, where students can work out for a monthly membership fee of DKK 89.

Another way to meet new friends is through social networks such as Rotaract, which is independent of political, religious or financial interests.

Or if Icelandic sagas, Finnish saunas, new Swedish rock music or the mountains of Norway are more your thing, the Association of Nordic Youth may be what you’re looking for. The association works to promote linguistic and cultural understanding across national borders.

The Nedenunder Friday bar

The Friday bar started back in the mid-80s, where students gradually began meeting over a Friday beer or two.

A few years later the “Friday Barty” tradition was established. The bar was moved and completely rebuilt a couple years ago, and it now goes by the name “Nedenunder” (‘Downstairs’). It’s a 600 square metre modern-looking lounge area.

As one might expect, it is open on Fridays, where everyone is welcome!

Faith and contemplation

Studentermenigheden (the student congregation) and the university chaplain can also be found on campus. The congregation is open to everyone, and you are welcome to propose new ideas and bring initiatives to life together with other students.

The university chaplain is also the contact person for the newly established meditation room, Rum til fordybelse, where believers and non-believers alike can go to take a mental break.

There is also an association for Muslim students on campus in Odense. The Muslim Students’ Union is apolitical and represents the Muslim students' social, academic and cultural interests.

The association is particularly focused on joint activities at SDU, and non-Muslim students are welcome to participate.

Student life can also be political

Student engagement is essential to each study programme, and you can influence your programme by running for student councils and boards of study.

If your interest lies more with general conditions for the entire university and all the five faculties, you can join the student-political organisations such as Syddanske Studerende (Students of Southern Denmark) and SamS.

There are also political party associations such as Frit Forum (the association for Social Democratic students) and Borgerlige Studerende (the association for Liberal Conservative students) at SDU.

International network

You can make friends from all around the world at SDU. The Erasmus Student Network consists of international students as well as Danish students wanting to help incoming students get acquainted with Odense and all things Danish.

At ESN, you can help arrange social activities such as field trips, café evenings and parties for SDU Odense’s international student community.

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