Innovation Camps


Design Company Innovation

Louis Poulsen (Vejen)

Louis Poulsen manufactures lamps in the famous design tradition of Poul Henningsen. The first project provides fundamental methods:

  • Design culture analysis: How is Nordic lighting culture different?
  • User ethnography: How do people prefer lighting? Does it influence well-being?
  • Prototyping: What are the options with new technologies and Apps?
  • Strategic design: How can an iconic design company gently renew its products?

Public Sector Innovation

Kolding Kommune

Kolding municipality has declared design as its core strength under the slogan ‘We design life’. The second project expands your toolbox, but also challenges you to contribute with your expertise e.g.

  • How does a municipality engage citizens in climate protection?
  • How can design help innovate care for the elderly?
  • How can design support local business development?
  • How does the school system benefit from design? 

Health Sector Innovation

The third innovation challenge will focus on the health sector and include public private collaboration. Challenges could be:

  • How can design help facilitate alternative hospital practices?
  • How can existential cancer conversations be re-conceptualized?
  • How can hospital falls be diminished?
  • How can one re-design the practice of medicine dosage on hospital wards?

This challenge will be co-organised with programme participants to fit their interests.

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